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I like imagine that these are her “Dex, I was listening but now you’re really starting to harsh my buzz” faces, complete with the final, “Now please leave me alone and go make-out with your boyfriend or something” expression.

Muuuch better.

Grif won’t really be Grif till I can make him some custom tattoos (like the Blade one he canonically has on the back of his neck) but I downloaded a few that seemed like good placeholders for now~ :3

Honestly though, she doesn’t look like Sister to me till she’s acting all childish and happy, ya know? I wish I could default her mood to just perky all the time instead of the sultry, come-hither look she has when she’s just standing around /sob

I’m trying to create Grif now too but I definitely have a ways to go because, at this point, he looks creepily like Himesh Reshammiya and that’s not at all what I’m going for.

I wanted to avoid making his jawline too round because then he risks looking like the generic EA fat-sims but even that’s better than looking like HR tbh

I tried my hand at creating Kai from RvB ;u;

No idea if she actually has any tattoos but, well, since her brother does, I wanted to give her a few nice ones as well~~

I feel like I only have minor tweaks left to make but I figure I should leave her alone for a week or two and then come back and see what I think then.

I’ll also need to take some caps out of CAS and see how she holds up ;m;

Slowly, very slowly, making progress. ;u;

"Umm, yeah… it’s great, but uh… that’s not all."

Gabriel gave her a look, “What’s wrong?”

Aryina took a deep breath to steel herself, “I don’t plan on going to school here. In fact, I got accepted to a school in Champ les Sims.”

"Wait just a minute," her mother interuppted, "You can’t possibly mean…! What on earth are you thinking, young lady?!”

She had promised herself that she wouldn’t get upset— they were her parents after all— but she’d worked hard for this opportunity and she wasn’t going to let it slip away.

"You wanted to talk to us, sweetie?" Tori gestures towards her and Aryina takes a seat, already feeling nervous and shaky.

"Yes," she starts, pausing to clear her throat, "I… I wanted to let you guys know that I’m planning to pursue a career in the Medical field."

Gabriel practically jumped up in joy, “That’s wonderful news! Taking after your old man!”

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