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When people said TS4 had bad indoor lighting, they weren’t kidding

If I ever do end up buying the Sims 4, she’ll be the first one I play with.

I wish the mouse sensitivity was higher and that you could push certain things a little further ie. eyebrows, noses, mouths, chins. Also, I can’t seem to increase the size of the arms much at all? I mean, I admit, most of the Sims I usually play are pretty thin but I do have a few on the larger side and it sucks that I don’t have more control over which parts of them are heavier. :/ They all seem to get this weird beer-belly— at least with the ladies.

But that’s what mods are for I suppose~

Apparently there is now a working torrent of the Sims 4 CAS Demo available.

I’m torn between just waiting two more days for the general release or downloading the torrent now out of pure spite. D’:

The first picture didn’t do justice to the green of her eyes so have this as well!

The first picture didn’t do justice to the green of her eyes so have this as well!

Ripley Grimm(ons ;D)

Named after Sigourney Weaver’s 'Ellen Ripley' because, let’s face it, her parents are totally the type to name her after a popular sci-fi character. :’D

The fourth time Malik almost lost himself staring into space while washing dishes, Rosanna stopped him.

"Is everything okay, honey?"

"Huh," he looked dazed, "Yeah… yeah, of course. Everything’s fine."

She tried her best to reassure him, “Look, if this is about your brother leaving Tahlia with us, you need to know that things will be okay. We just need a little period for adjustment. Think of the positives! She’s only been here for a about two weeks and the boys are already crazy about her! “

"It’s not that…" Malik half-whispered, "I just… feel weird.”

Rosanna wasn’t sure she understood but she pulled him in close anyways, “Hey… it’s alright.”

It was a while before he relaxed enough to hug her back, “… I’m sure you’re right.”

When Hana come home from work, Laurence was sitting in the family room watching an old movie.

"Welcome home."

She smiled and walked up to him, “Have you ever thought about starting a family of our own?”

"What brought this on?" he asked, surprised.

She just shook her head, “Nothing really.”