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Pregnant or not, there was just no way Tori was going to miss work. So she sat on her laptop for extended periods of time when her back didn’t hurt or the baby wasn’t disagreeing and continued on with her career. When Gabriel came back from the hospital, he would take his usual place at the table in front of her and keep her company.

As the current movie he was half-watching while talking to her went to a commercial break, he stretched and got up.

Tori looked up briefly from her laptop, “Hey, if you’re getting up, could you get me something from the kitchen?”

"Yeah, yeah," Gabe shook his head but didn’t hide his smile, "How does juice sound?"


In just a few months, she was showing with her very first child. She turned down Gabriel’s offer to check the baby’s sex. She’d rather know when the time came.

There was a long moment of silence. Tori felt like she was holding her breath for the entire time. Gabriel finally looked up at her.

"So, do you want me to tell you if it’s a boy or girl? Or would you rather be surprised?"

"Um, what?"

"Yeah, I know I’m a surgeon but apparently ultrasounds are within my purview as well. Go figure!"

"No," she shook her head, "I mean… that’s it? You have nothing else to say?"

He reached out and held her hand softly in his own, “You’ve made your decision and I’ve made mine. I’ll be here for you.”

The smile on his face warmed her from head to toe. She couldn’t keep her expression controlled. She’d never admit it, but she may even have teared up a little.

"I’m glad." she managed, before embracing him tightly.

"Look, I know that things between have… progressed really fast."

He laughed, “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

"Gabriel, I’m pregnant."

She watched with trepidation as he fell silent in front of her. His smile fell off his face. She felt her gut twist.

"Oh… that’s…" he responded slowly, as if still processing the news, "Have you… have you decided what you wanted to do?"

She took a deep breath, “I want to have the baby.”

Gabriel was on the phone when she came to talk to him. She stood at the edge of his vision and watched him. He was laughing with the person on the other line. When he caught her eye, she looked away. Concerned, he cut his call short.

"What’s wrong?" he asked, turning to face her.

No matter how much she had practiced saying this in the mirror, it was still hard getting the words out, “I… have to talk to you about something.”

His brows furrowed the way they always did when he was concentrating on something, “I’m all ears.”

The doctor confirmed that she was, indeed, fine.

That was a relief.

The doctor also confirmed that she was, indeed, pregnant.

That was a little more difficult to come to terms with.

As she checked her face in the mirror, a thought came to her. What if… what if she wasn’t sick? What if she was actually—

She shook her head.


No, she was going to be fine.

She was not going to put up with this. There was nothing more she hated than being sick. First thing tomorrow, she was going to see the doctor.

"Hey, if you’re getting up, get me something from the kitchen please." Gabriel called as she walked past him.

"You think you’re funny but you’re really not.” she shook her head.

She could hear him laughing even as she closed the bathroom door.

Tori sits at the table to continue to work from home while Gabriel sits there so that he can talk to Tori and watch cheesy films on the TV.